At-Home​ Laser​ Hair Removal – The Best Three Devices


Are you seeking an easy and effective body hair removal method?
Did you know that you can conduct the hair removal procedure right at your home? With the help of at-home laser hair removal devices, you can easily remove the hair without visiting a dermatologist or any skin specialist.

You can do so within the confines of your home at your convenience. We will go into the details of this procedure to help you understand what it exactly involves and what you need to get the at-home laser hair removal done.

At-Home​ Laser​ Hair Removal
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How can you remove hair with laser treatment at home?

A laser-assisted hair removal device uses pulses of lights which transitions the hair follicle into the resting phase. In this phase, the hair follicle cannot supply proper nutrition to the hair. As a result, the shedding takes place. Thus, pulses of light need to be applied to the hair multiple times to shed the hair.

Since this procedure is non-invasive, your skin will remain smooth and healthy. Within a few applications, you can eliminate over 70% of your help. It will ensure that you can get smoother skin with almost no hair. The beauty of those devices is that they are easy to use. They can save you hundreds of dollars when it comes to hair removal treatments.

The question is which device you should choose?

We will answer that below.

Which laser hair removal system should you use?

Instead of going through alot of options available, you can go through our list below. We have highlighted the top 3 at-home laser-assisted hair removal devices that you can choose. We have curated this list after taking different points into account, which ensures that the options are simply the best in their category.

1- Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal Tool:

You might be thinking, why is this one of the best at laser removal devices?

The answer is because it is highly versatile. It comes with four different attachments that are suitable for various parts of the body, like armpits, bikini lines, face, and other body parts.

Also, it consists of a precision trimmer. It means that whether you want to eliminate the hair from your body or want to trim it before using the laser device, it can facilitate both.

Also, the effectiveness of this gadget is such that in just three uses, it can decrease the hair by up to 92%.

With the help of 5 different settings and skin-tone sensors on offer, it is easy to use. Moreover, it comes with a detailed manual, which ensures that even if you have not used an at-home laser hair removal device, it can still help you out. The different attachments, along with the trimmer and an intelligent sensor, make it an excellent choice.


  • Decreases hair by 92% in just three sessions
  • Five different settings on offer
  • Consist of a skin tone sensor
  • Comes along with trimmer
  • Includes accessories

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2- Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser:

If you are looking for a precise laser hair removal device, you should consider this option. It allows you to target the precise areas which you want. Moreover, since it is FDA approved, you can be sure that it is entirely safe as well.

Within just two weeks, you can notice the results. Moreover, the energy which it delivers is up to 3 times higher than other hair removal devices. With the help of the LCD, you can select between 5 different levels. With the battery life of 30 minutes, you will not be able to charge it again and again.

Hence, it is not only powerful but also easy to use due to the LED display. These features make it an excellent choice to eliminate your hair right at your home.


  • LED display on offer
  • FDA cleared
  • Highly precise
  • Five different energy levels

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3- IPL Hair Removal System:

The last hair removal device which we are speaking about now offers you five different levels for different tones of skin. Also, it is available in 4 different color choices. The compact design means that not only is it easy to use, but you can move it around as well.

It can reduce your hair by as much as 82% in just one month after eight uses. It is suitable for various parts of your body like chest, back, legs, bikini lines, and so on.

The skin detection system inside this device ensures that you will not have to go through any trial and error. Furthermore, it removes the hair follicles in a completely painless manner, which means that it is easy to use. With the help of a display on top, it will be easy for you to check the status of the machine. Also, it is not only versatile but also pretty compact, which is why it is such a good option.


  • Can reduce hair by up to 82% in just one month
  • Available in 4 color choices
  • Five different energy levels
  • Suitable for various body parts

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If you are seeking an easy and effective way to remove your body hair, these laser hair removal devices are the perfect option for you. We have taken care to include only the best top laser hair removal devices. So, once you choose any between them, you can be sure that you can eliminate hair from your body with ease.

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