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How to Boost Your Metabolism to Lose More Weight?


Metabolism is one of the most crucial processes in the body. It is referred to as the conversion of food into energy or fuels into lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Also, the removal of nitrogenous waste substances from the cells. If you want to lose weight easily you should Boost your metabolism.

If you have a faster metabolism, your body burns up calories more quickly. That can help you achieve lifelong fitness as long as you eat the correct amount of food. Most people use this technique to lose more weight and become healthier.

Every chemical reaction that occurs in the body, from the transportation of materials from one cell to another to digestion, is a part of metabolism. About 60 in 100 Americans are obese or overweight. This is because they do not completely understand this concept of metabolism.

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One great thing you need to know about metabolism is that the faster it gets, the more food you need to eat. This is because your body will require more fat to burn. If you do not increase the number of calories you consume with the increase in metabolism, you will stay at the same result irrespective of whether you are doing exercises each and every day or not. This is because what you burn for energy is the new muscle tissue and not the calories.

In this guide, we focus on how to boost your metabolism to lose more weight.

Ways to Boost Metabolism

No person has complete control of their body when it comes to changing the genetic aspects of every process that happens in the body, including metabolism. However, there are different things one can do to increase the rate of such processes. The following are the most effective ways to boost metabolism.

Drinking plenty of water

Study shows that drinking a lot of water in place of sugary drinks can help people to lose weight. This is because drinks containing sugar are packed with large amounts of calories. Therefore, drinking water instead can reduce the intake of calories. Sometimes your metabolism can increase by nearly 10% to 30% when you take about 0.5 litres (17 ounces) of water.

They find Coldwater to increase the burning effect of calories. That is because the body must use energy to heat such water until it reaches the normal temperature of the body. You are also likely to eat less when you drink water about one a half an hour before the meal. This can help you lose around 40% more weight as compared to those who don’t.

Sleeping well at night

Several studies have found that obesity linked with lack of sleep. Not getting a good sleep at night also increases the risk of developing type II diabetes, which is caused by increased sugar levels in the blood. Also, lack of sleeping boosts the production of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and decreases leptin, the fullness hormone. These effects are the reasons why most people find it hard to lose weight successfully.

Eating a lot of protein daily

Your metabolism can increase as a result of eating food for little hours. This is referred in biological terms as TEF (thermal effect of food). Protein is one of the natural substances that can boost your metabolism by causing TEF to rise at greater levels. As compared to fats and carbohydrates that increase the rate of metabolism by 0 – 3% and 5 – 10% respectively, proteins do this by 15 – 30%. Not only does it keep you full, but protein also protects your body from overheating. Moreover, a certain study indicates that people who usually consume a diet constituting of 30% protein are likely to eat about 440 fewer calories each day. Therefore, it is very important to include plenty of proteins in your diet so that you can burn more and more calories helping you lose more weight.

Doing hard exercises

This can help boost the rate of your metabolism and burn more fat even when you stop exercising. HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) is the recommended type of workout for people who are serious about losing weight. It gives greater performance than other exercises. A certain study shows that such an exercise (HIIT) can reduce belly fat by almost 17% and fat mass by 2Kg (4.4 pounds). They conducted the study for three months of workout in young overweight men.

Getting enough vitamins especially the Bs

Foods such as eggs, spinach, orange juice, baked potatoes, whole grains, peanut butter, bananas and etcetera are great sources of vitamin B, which plays a good in boosting metabolism. Therefore, eating such foods regularly can help you lose weight.

In conclusion, there are other ways to boost metabolism such as drinking coffee, eating more high fibre beans, and avoiding stress as much as possible. We hope this guide helps you a great deal to reduce your body weight.

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