Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal


Removing unwanted facial and body hair can be a timely and costly process. To many shaving, plucking or waxing seems like the only available option to get that smooth hairless skin. If you are sick of continually managing your body hair, laser hair removal is a very effective process that leaves many with silky smooth results.

Laser hair removal is a long term option that destroys the hair follicles. This cosmetic therapy has become a popular option for many looking to achieve hair-free skin.

Let’s have a look at things you should understand before starting your series of laser hair removal. 

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How does laser hair removal work? 

Before diving into the results, we should take a look at how it all works. Cosmetic grade lasers transmit wavelengths of light to the hair pigment follicles. This results in damaging the surrounding tissue and targeting hair stem cells known as a hair bulge. When the laser kills the hair follicle, it ensures permanent hair removal. This process is considered a cosmetic procedure; thus, expect strict regulations. 

How many treatments will you need?

Even Though most laser hair removal praised on removing unwanted hair permanently, it can also just reduce the density of hair on the skin. The results depend on the color and thickness of the hair, as well as the patient’s skin.

Usually, people with light skin and darker hair can achieve permanent hair removal that may take up to 6 treatments. Whereas people with light hair or darker skin, might not be able to achieve permanent hair removal. Only after about ten treatments, it will show a similar result.

It is also so important to keep in mind that after the treatments are complete, patients need to have touch-ups. These touch-ups should be every 3-6 months or just annual appointments. Consistency is key. This helps ensure that the follicles have been permanently removed. Also any new hair growth caused by hormonal changes is lasered away.

How can you prepare for an appointment? 

Being ready for a laser treatment secession is a crucial step to ensure that you will walk out with smoother skin. One of the most useful things to do before your appointment is to shave. A clean shave ensures a successful laser treatment that helps the machine do its job. While shaving is a must, you should avoid waxing or tweezing. These methods of hair removal, pull out the hair follicles which are needed for the laser to work.

Also, you have to provide clean skin for the professional to work on it correctly. Which means, don’t apply any fake tans, moisturizers or creams to the area that will be lasered.

What are some possible side effects?

After the laser hair removal session, many have reported mid external side effects. Usually, 15-30 minutes after the treatment, patients may feel heat in the treated area. Then in 24 hours, patients may spot redness and swell up in the treated zones. This is a normal reaction, as the laser has damaged the hair follicle. Additionally, some uncommon side effects are blistering, discolouration and even scary. An unprofessional use of laser machines mostly causes these, thus going to a professional dermatologist is important.

During the laser process, many may feel slight pain or discomfort. But do not panic as that mainly because of the heat of the laser. Additionally, all professional dermatologists and cosmetologists will give you a pair of goggles. These pair of goggles is necessary to prevent eye injuries. Enthought such injuries are not a typical occurrence; the laser light may irritate some sensitive eyes.

What aftercare methods do you need to take?

Taking care of your skin after a laser hair appointment is an important step that allows for your skin to properly heal. One of the most helpful tips that many dermatologists suggest is to avoid sun exposure after the therapy.

Using lots of sunscreens and wearing clothing that covers your skin, are some practical ways to prevent the UV’s. Additionally, don’t exfoliate your skin or take hot showers, as they will further inflame the skin. Finally, you should not exercise 24 hours after an appointment, since sweat can cause bacterial infections in any ingrown hairs. A cold compress and lukewarm showers are idea ways to reduce redness and speed up the healing process. 

Laser hair removal is an incredible long-term solution to getting that smooth, silky skin you have always dreamed of. After a series of treatment, you will find your skin hair-free for months. Hopefully, now that you have a basic understanding of laser hair removal, you are ready to book your first appointment.

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