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Keto Diet VS Atkins Diet: Which Is Better For Losing Weight


People are so much confused between the Atkins diet and the keto diet and which is better for losing weight?. These days there is no shortage of health fads, tips and people who “know” of some secret that will magically give you the body you have always wanted. While people seem to have become obsessed with slimming down, it is becoming harder and harder to sift through the facts and the fakes.

Through all of the nonsense, two ways of eating have shown great success in losing weight, the Atkins diet and the keto diet. While they have similarities, they differ in many ways. So which one is better? It’s not a simple question to answer, mainly because it depends on the individual person. The easiest way to figure out which one is better for you is to compare them side by side and decide for yourself.

Keto Diet VS Atkins diet
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The Atkins Diet

In 1972 a cardiologist named Robert Atkins introduced the world to the Atkins diet. His diet is split up into four phases, and in each phase, your food intake changes slightly. It’s all based around the “low carbs” rule, which in phase one can be difficult.

Phase one

In phase one of the Atkins diet, you only eat 20 grams of carbs each day for two weeks. This isn’t easy for everyone. The average man eats 296 grams and women roughly 224 grams of carbs per day. 

Phase two

Phase two increases the amount of carbs to 50 grams. Instead of a time limit, you stay there until you are 10 pounds away from your target weight. Usually, though, if you have done the first phase correctly, the weight is already coming off at a steady pace.

Phase three

When you get to the next phase, you up the carb intake to around 80 grams. Here you are trying to find the balance for your body. It involves trial and error and is more specific to your body type and activity level. As you introduce more carbs from different sources into your diet, you can find out what you can and can’t eat to get to the weight you want. After you figure that out and maintain it for a month, you move on to the last phase.

Phase four

Phase four is called lifetime maintenance. While upping the carb intake to 100 grams, it’s all about keeping the habits from phase three in practice. As long as you focus your meals on a fatty protein source with other healthy fats, you will lose weight.

There have been many different renditions to this very well known diet. Some will skip the first phase completely, moving straight to the second. Some will stay in the first, never moving on to the next phases. Staying in the first phase is simply just a very low carb diet, also known as the Keto diet.

The Keto Diet

The ketogenic, or keto diet, is all about low carbs and high fats and proteins. Our bodies all need fuel, and typically this comes from carbohydrates. When we drastically reduce our carb intake, we still need fuel throughout the day, so our bodies switch to a different source, which is fat.

To achieve the state necessary to burn fat for fuel, called ketosis, you need to bring your carb intake down to about 20 grams or less. Although this diet is mainly used to lose unwanted fat, researchers are finding more and more benefits of this diet. These include lower blood sugar and insulin levels.

There are many different types of Keto diets. One of them, the cyclical, allows you to “refeed” with high amounts of carbs during certain periods of time. Another, the targeted, adds carbs around workouts.

Instead of a step-by-step regimen, the keto diet is so simple. As long as you get 75% of your calories from fat, 20% from protein and 5% from carbs, you will see the benefits.

So which is better, Keto diet or Atkins diet?

A way to lose weight only by changing the way we eat, and nothing else, sounds too good to be true to some people. After all, anything that comes too easy can’t be that great, right? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news: They are not easy. The bad news: They are not easy.

Whether Keto diet or Atkins diet, they are both have their up’s and down, like most things it depends on the individual themselves. Are you the type that needs structure or can you get by just knowing the general percentage of protein, fat and carbs you need to take in? When you know that you will be one step closer to deciding which diet is better for you. Either way, you’ll be closer to a healthier you.

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