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Paleo Diet, Everything You Need To Know + Meal Plan


Have you heard about the Paleo diet? Want to know more about it?

We will today share with you everything there is to know about the paleo diet. As a bonus, we will also share with you a simple meal plan which you can follow if you want to practice the paleo diet.

Paleo Diet
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What is the paleo diet?

Paleo diet, also known as the Paleolithic diet involves eating foodstuffs that were available in the Paleolithic era. It means that you will rely on foods like:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Seeds
  • Meat
  • Fish

The idea is to consume only those foodstuffs which were available in the prehistoric era. It excludes foods like grains, legumes, and dairy products that only became available after the evolution of farming. That is why; the principle is to consume foods which the prehistoric men gathered or hunted for.

How does the Paleo diet work?

Now that you know the premise of the diet, it is essential to look at the logic behind it.

The principle of this diet revolves around the fact that our current food is not suitable for our body. That is why our body cannot digest and eliminate the toxins, which results in weight gain and many other associated health issues. The mismatch also results in cardiac problems, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases.

Is the Paleo diet suitable for you?

The advantage of diet is that it is for everyone. These include people who:

  • Want to lose weight
  • Want to switch to a balanced and appropriate diet

What is allowed in this diet?

We will now give you a glimpse of the foodstuffs allowed in this diet. Of course, you might be curious to know more about the permitted foods. These include:

  • All types of fruits
  • All types of vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • The meat of grass-fed animals and carnivorous animals
  • Fatty fish

Which foodstuffs do you need to avoid strictly?

Now that you are aware of the ingredients which you can consume. Also, it is essential to understand what you should keep at pole’s length. These ingredients include:

  • All type of grains
  • Legumes
  • Dairy products
  • Salt
  • Processed foodstuffs
  • Refined sugar
  • Any other synthetic foodstuffs and ingredients

Do permitted ingredients provide proper nutrition?

When you look at the ingredients and the nutrients present in vegetables, nuts, and fruits, you will realize that they are rich in nutrients. Certainly, They can provide you with all type of nutrients needed for your body. At the same time, they have little fat content as well. The fat content is also a requisite when it comes to a balanced diet. It means that you can supply your body with the essential nutrients without having to deviate from your diet.

What does a meal plan for Paleo diet look like?

We will share with you a simple meal plan so that it becomes easy to follow this diet.


You can have broiled salmon for breakfast along with cantaloupe.


For lunch, you can consume pork lion, a salad consisting of lemon juice dressing, tomatoes, carrots, and even cucumber


In dinner, you can consume Lamb meat. You can also have steamed broccoli, salad, strawberries for dessert.


The main meal snacks can include carrot sticks, orange or celery sticks.

At the same time, you need to keep your body hydrated. This diet plan will only work when your body is hydrated. Additionally, you should indulge in a workout or a physical activity to ensure that you can burn the necessary calories as well.

Once you get the gist of this diet, it is easy to follow.

What can you expect from this diet?

So, you have decided to follow this diet. What can you expect from it?

As with any diet, the first few days will be challenging to adjust. However, if you stick to it for a long time, you will witness many benefits, which are:

  • Weight loss
  • Better glucose tolerance
  • Controlled BP
  • Low triglyceride levels
  • Higher appetite satisfaction
  • Better energy levels

It means that not only you can sort out your health issues, but you can lead a more fulfilling life as well. There are people around the world trying this diet with excellent results. That is why; you cannot ignore this diet.

Are you looking for a diet which relies on natural foodstuffs and ingredients? If yes, this diet is the perfect option for you.

The USP of this diet is the simplicity. It means that rather than switching over to expensive and complicated meals, you are simplifying your diet. It will not consume a lot of your time either to stick to this diet. That is why; it is not only beneficial but also easy to follow, which is what makes it such a great option. Now that you are aware of the facts about this diet, it is time to go ahead and lead a healthier lifestyle with the paleo diet.

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