Puffy Eyes: How to Treat Puffy Eyes Naturally


Why do eyes get puffy?
To understand how to treat puffy eyes naturally, we must first understand why eyes get puffy. Swelling around the eyes is usually a sign of an accumulation of fluid in the skin tissue surrounding the eye. Usually, the skin around the eyes is quite thin so that swelling can be very noticeable.

But, why does fluid get retained? Often, it is one of these factors :

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Reasons for Puffy eyes

If you have contact with a substance to which you are allergic, the result can be an inflammation and puffiness of the eyes. This is quite hard to resolve, as first, it is necessary to identify what you are allergic to.

It is quite counter-intuitive to accept that a sign of dehydration is the retention of fluid around the eyes. However, it is just a sign that the body is attempting to deal with the dehydration.

When we get tired, we often get problems with water retention. This usually gets worse when we are sleeping, especially if we sleep face down. 

Stress can cause a change to the salt levels in the body and can create an imbalance. One way this imbalance is seen is in fluid retention, and one spot where fluid can easily accumulate is in the area under the eyes.

Consuming too much salt
Your diet may contain to much salt. That is not just the salt you shake onto your food but also the hidden salt in many modern products. Salt leads to water retention.

A common problem when we age is that our muscles weaken, and this includes the muscles around the eye. As this happens, the fat that naturally occurs around the eyes can slide into the lower eyelid.

When we get upset, the tears are less salty than the normal secretions from the eye. To counter this, using osmosis the water seeps into the saltier tissues around the eye and our eyes will puff up.

Genetical reasons
Some people have a genetic disposition to having eyes that are puffier than normal. These people also will suffer from the above problems and will have even puffier eyes.

Treating Puffy Eyes

Teabags on the eyes
Soak a couple of (Caffeinated) Tea bags in a cup of warm water and place the cup in the fridge to cool down. Place one bag on each eye and leave for five minutes. The caffeine in the tea will help to tighten the blood vessels in the eye and reduce the puffiness.

Cucumber on the eye
A cucumber has a natural antioxidant, so if you slice one and put the slices over the eye for 30 minutes. This will result in a two-pronged attack on your puffy eyes. Firstly, the antioxidant will soothe the irritation in the eye. Secondly, the texture of the cucumber will cool the eye down.

Hemorrhoid Cream 
Be very careful with this one. You must not get the cream in the eye. Simply rub the cream on the puffy areas. On the other hand, you might not like the smell on your face but try it.

Cut out the hairspray
Tiny hairspray particles can settle on the lower eyelids and irritate the skin. This equally applies to aerosol deodorant which if sprayed too liberally may reach the face.

Try Hypoallergenic skin cleaning pads
The little pads used to wipe away makeup may have an ingredient that is irritating the eye. Swap to another brand if possible. Look for a brand that is described as Hypoallergenic. 

Final words

We can see from the solutions to this problem of puffy eyes, that many of the causes of puffy eyes are related to dehydration and chemical imbalance in the body. These factors are leading to water retention. Yet other reasons are related to allergies caused by items that contact the skin around the eyes. The skin around our eyes is so sensitive. Therefore, it is so easily affected by everyday objects. 

Often the original cause of the puffiness causes the individual to rub the eyes vigorously, and this makes the skin even puffier.

However, if this problem is a major cause of concern and constantly reoccurring, then medical intervention may be possible, such as eyelid surgery and laser resurfacing.

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