teeth whitenin

Your Guide to Teeth Whitening

White and sparkling teeth are an attractive feature that many adults lack. Brushing and flossing daily are habits that everyone has, but unfortunately, it might not be enough to get a white teeth. Usually, our eating and drinking habits often discolor our teeth; therefore, you can see how yellowing teeth […]

Hair Loss treatments

Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

It’s normal to lose hair, usually between 50 to 100 hairs a day. However, some types of hair loss are permanent, like pattern baldness. Pattern baldness usually runs in the family. Luckily other types of hair loss are temporary. Hair Loss Causes: Stress Weight loss Iron deficiency Hair loss may […]

food reduce Anxiety and stress
Healthy Eating

Foods That Reduce Stress and Anxiety

So many people have experienced stress and anxiety at some point in their life. There are so many things that could help reduces anxiety naturally without taking any medications. Such as listening to calming music or doing some yoga. Exercise helps improve anxiety and depression. Also, some foods could help […]